Nike grass golf shoes: now your feet can match the fairway!

Nike makes quality golf gear but the new artificial grass shoes may be a step too far!

Nike makes tons of great golf gear. We all recognize the Nike Swoosh and know it signals quality gear, whether we’re shopping for a new skort or a shirt or a pair of shoes.

Under ordinary conditions I know I’ll like Nike golf gear. I depend on Nike’s consistent product quality.

But as I look at their newest golf shoe, I’m wondering if I could really slip my feet into a pair of shoes that look like grass almost in need of trimming. What would my LGA golfing buddies think if they saw me wearing these shoes on the practice green?

Maybe I’m just having a little attack of anticipatory peer pressure?

I’m talking about the new Nike Air Max 1 Golf Grass edition shoes. They are made with artificial grass will be available in February for an expected $140 dollars.

Look out! You’re going to pay extra for that artificial grass. The Nike Air Max 1 woman’s shoe currently retails for $110 and you can pick up a pair at Zappos for $71.25.

I’m not saying Nike’s Air Max Golf shoe isn’t a good – even a great shoe. Nike has put considerable energy and tech knowhow into developing a shoe that suits our needs as golfers.

The Air Max Golf has a rugged, grass-ready outsole, a smaller embroidered Swoosh, and a reconstructed upper fit especially designed for our sport.

The artificial grass is an add-on. One might even say it’s probably a come-on marketing feature that doesn’t impact performance one way or the other.

I suppose it all depends on how you feel about playing golf with shoes that make your feet look fuzzy and blend into the turf, assuming you’re playing golf on grass rather than sand, mud, and whatever else we run into on the golf course.

Generally I’m a Nike fan but I’m going to take a pass on these shoes with artificial grass uppers. I’ll stick with my waterproofed leather uppers. They’re easier to clean and maintain.

Let me know if you’re an early adopter and pick up a pair of the new artificial grass shoes.

How are you cleaning them? Are they waterproof? What happens when they get muddy?

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