LPGA 2019 major championship venues – let’s start planning to go!

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LPGA major championships & Solheim Cup venues are calling. Pick your event and make your 2019 plans to follow the women’s game from behind the ropes!

The LPGA 2019 schedule includes five major championships and, this year, the Solheim Cup.  These Ferraris and Lamborghinis of the women’s golf world are beautiful to behold.

They’re staged on iconic courses and they draw the best players in the game into intense, high-level competition. If you’ve never followed the action from behind the ropes at a major championship you’ve missed the opportunity to witness some of the game’s greatest players delivering the finest games in their bags. Major championship are simply breathtaking!

Let’s take a look at the major championship and Solheim Cup venues in the Tour’s 2019 schedule. From the western desert to the American heartland to the lush Carolina coast, from a traditional English parkland track to classic Scottish links and an Alpine fantasyland, these six golf courses represent the full range of our game’s possibilities.

You can enjoy a week-long party in Palm Springs or take in what’s certain to be a more sedate and traditional golf experience at the Country Club of Charleston. Or you can dust off your passport and head across the pond. If you really stretch our your summer vacation time you can watch how the game is played on an Alpine course and then compare it to parkland-style golf.

Or you may want to just wait until fall and head to Scotland and the mother of all golf events, The Solheim Cup.

Let’s take a closer look at the venues. Perhaps that will help you decide where you’d most like to follow your favorite players up close and personal.

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