Golf Tip: Staying golf-ready during the winter months

A golf tip focusing on an at-home, no-equipment exercise routine that will keep us golf-ready and tournament-tough through the winter months.

It’s time for a golf tip that will help us stay fit and tournament-tough during the cold weather months.

When I arrived at the golf course this morning for my regular weekly round the thermometer registered 49°. Burrr! That’s cold! And worse is coming. But I’m not going to let fall’s cooler temperatures keep me off the golf course.

I know from experience I can play golf in cold weather, so long as I keep my body fit, warm up properly, and wear clothes that keep my hands, feet, and core warm. But whether you’re putting your clubs away for the season or playing on until the ground’s too frozen for even the hardiest among us, you don’t need to lose your physical edge as winter closes in.

Let’s focus on keeping that fit body we’ve developed over the past few months of summer golf with five simple exercises that we  can all add to our daily at-home routines.

The gym rats among us probably don’t need these exercises, but not everybody’s a gym rat. Some of us prefer a more relaxed approach to physical fitness. If you fall into that category, these exercises, which aren’t terribly time consuming and require no special equipment or trendy work-out clothes, could prevent unnecessary injury and save you some strokes.

As those of us who play on during colder months know, our handicaps are going to go up. When fairways dry up and the grass goes dormant we face the challenge of hitting off bare ground. Greens are faster. Golf is just plain harder.

Add a cold body to the challenge of winter conditions and you have a sure-fire recipe for strained muscles and tendons. I’ve found that maintaining flexibility and strength through the cold weather months is like an insurance policy.

These exercises won’t replace that pre-round stretching and warm-up routine you already use. You need to keep that in place. But if your lifestyle is like mine, come cold weather your general physical activity level decreases. This at-home quick daily routine could be the antidote to winter lethargy that will keep your body golf-ready through the coming months.









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