Golf rules changes will double our pleasure, double our fun!

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golf rules

Golf rules. An R&A rules official looks on during the first round of the Girls’ U-16 Open Championship at Fulford Golf Club on April 27, 2018 in York, England. (Photo by Warren Little/R&A/R&A via Getty Images)

Golf rules are changing in January – we’ll all need to give them close study but here are some of my favorites!

They’ve changed the golf rules again, and this time some of the changes are going to make a significant difference in how we play and experience the game!

Change seems always to elicit some grumbling. But as I’ve started sifting through the rules changes that are scheduled to go into effect in January I see some significant potential for positive change.

The rules changes go into effect in January 2019, so we all have time to get familiar with them and take appropriate steps to ensure that we’re in compliance.

We can always get a copy of the official Rules of Golf. It’s available on-line and in a pocket-sized edition from the USGA. I keep a copy in my golf bag.

However, as you get ready to play an old, familiar game under a new set of rules, you might prefer one of the quick reference guides that’s more user-friendly than the conventional Rules of Golf. Take a look at Yves C. ton-That’s Golf Rules Quick Reference. There’s a 2019 edition that’s designed to quickly answer on-course rules questions.

These are some of the most significant changes that will directly impact on and improve the on-course experience of recreational golfers.

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