Playing solo golf, there’s more to it than meets the eye!

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playing solo

Playing solo. (Photo by Andy Astfalck/NurPhoto via Getty Images)

Playing solo rounds give me the mental space to enjoy the game and deepen my relationship with it.

Playing solo isn’t for everyone. Even though golf is a very individualized sport, most of us play most of our golf in the company of other golfers. In this respect the game is a paradox, a sport anchored in individual athleticism, almost always played in the company of others.

And even more curious, most of us think there’s something not quite right about playing solo.

The pro shop at my home course certainly discourages ‘singles’. And when I reflect on my various rounds away from home, when I’ve turned to golf to grab some solitary time away from the madding crowd, I’ve often had to engage in some intense negotiation to secure a singles tee time.

But I’m a persistent kind of person and I’m also fairly flexible, so when I’m committed to the enterprise I can generally arrange a solo round early in the morning or late in the afternoon.

I know very few golfers who actually seek out opportunities for a solo round, and I know any number of golfers who actively resist playing solo. They’re missing golden opportunities to explore the game’s hidden dimensions.

What’s the allure for me of playing solo?

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