Golf etiquette guidelines: Six absolutes for beginning golfers

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Golf Etiquette

Golf Etiquette. (Photo by: Arterra/UIG via Getty Images)

Golf etiquette and pace of play are as important for beginners as for experienced players!

Golf etiquette sometimes means different things to golfers who are new to the game than to “old pros” – those crusty old timers who know every break on the greens at your home course.

This isn’t a “beat up on beginners” communique.  Golf sins are universal, and committed by both beginners and the most experienced player.  But, my experience shows, anyway, that etiquette lapses are committed more often by beginning players.

Regardless of age, or skill level, or sex, and even regardless of whether you are for, or against, rolling back the distance a golf ball travels, golf is golf.  Some of the easiest-to-correct golf violations have little to do with rules, and everything to do with common courtesy.

The following six things you shouldn’t do would appear on just about anyone’s list.  If you want to be the playing partner that everyone wants in their foursome-and who doesn’t –avoid the following golf etiquette blunders.

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