Equipment Review: The Cobra F8 and everything you need to know

This ForeGals equipment review focuses on the new Cobra F8.

This equipment review of the newly released Cobra F8 will help you make some decisions about your own bag set-up.

The beginning of the year is when manufacturers typically release new clubs. Cobra just released their Cobra F8 and here are some changes they’ve made.

Last year with the F7 Cobra released the new one-length irons that everyone was skeptical about at first. Through first hand experience and knowledge people adapted to the change and it was a great start for those just beginning the game.

So what is the new buzz Cobra created this season?

No longer limited to drivers, Cobra irons now include the Cobra Connect software. Players are able to track distances from any club and create a caddie in your pocket.

Now along with you I’ve asked the question, What if I don’t have pockets?  Sad as it may be, apparel designers don’t make cute skirts to wear with the intention of shoving a giant smart phone in the front. I’ve been told Cobra is creating a small clip that will read and transfer the data to your phone that should be in your bag.

No more mis-hits off the tee?

Cobra has taken their technology to the next level within this year’s F8 driver. It has one of the thinnest and lightest faces in the market along with a CNC precision milled face.

With the new face design and forged E9 technology, the sweet zone on this bad boy will give you more distance than ever. The thinner face adds the ability for more speed and more speed equals more distance.

Along with the Dual Roll technology mis-hits are a thing of the past, we hope.

One-length hybrids

With one length irons being such a big hit last season, Cobra has taken the technology one step farther with one length hybrids! Who has trouble hitting a hybrid? I know I did when I first played them.

With this design being the length of an iron, the sweeping motion that people tend to use is eliminated, or at least discouraged. The result: more consistent solid contact with the ball.

Along with upgraded shaft options and new technology there’s no reason to count Cobra out when in the market for something new.


Also, their new shoes are to die for. There’s no such thing as a bad game of golf when you’re with friends and have a great looking pair of shoes!