2018 LPGA season: ForeGals top 10 fantasy wish list

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2018 LPGA

2018 LPGA fantasy wish list. (Photo by Stacy Revere/Getty Images)

The 2018 LPGA season will deliver the best women’s golf has to offer, but ForeGals’ is looking beyond the on-course action. Here’s what we hope to see!

2018 LPGA season is packed with promising possibilities. There’s a battle brewing for the top of the world rankings. Several promising young rookies will be stepping up to the tee box to test their games against the veterans. Major championships will challenge and new champions will be crowned.

Over the past decade or so the women’s pro game has gone global, and from my perspective that’s a very good thing. This year the Tour will stage events in 14 countries. Collaborations with the Ladies European Tour and ALPG have expanded the LPGA’s scope and reach.

There’s no doubt that the on-course golf will be terrific. Other aspects of the women’s pro golf 2018 season – not so much. And those not-so-much items have inspired my fantasy wish list for the 2018 LPGA season.

All of us who love the game benefit, whether directly or indirectly, from a healthy women’s pro golf season. Those of us who play the game recreationally and dabble in low-stakes, light-hearted competition can thank the women’s pro game for expanded access to golf courses and woman-specific equipment innovations.

The pro game has expanded opportunities for young women athletes to play their way through an increasingly expensive college education. As the pro game has grown beyond its mid-20th century geographical boundaries it has expanded and redefined women’s potential in athletic competition, and beyond, particularly in Asian countries.

Yet, competition on the course isn’t always matched by social and political support for the game. That peculiar lag between cultural enthusiasm and political support, particularly in China, provides the point of departure for my 2018 LPGA season fantasy wish list.

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