Golf Exercise: Doing it right will save money and enhance your game

This golf exercise regime you can do at home gets you ready and keeps you ready for golf season

What’s “golf exercise”? It’s a workout regime that’s focused on the muscles you need to move the ball from tee to green to cup! Think about an at-home golf exercise regime as a small lifestyle tweak rather than a big change.

We all want to be a better golfers. It’s the nature of the game and playing a game that can never be mastered keeps us coming back.

I always want to have fun, but I also love getting my competitive juices going on the links!  No matter what skill level you have arrived at, knocking strokes off your game should be a priority.  A golf exercise regime gets me competitive!

With that in mind, are you exercising the right way to excel at golf?

Wouldn’t it be nice to not have to get in your car to drive to the gym to have a golf-effective daily workout? Now there is nothing wrong with the gym, I love mine, but I basically only use machines for my cardio fix.

Actual “roadwork” is too rough on my old bones!  Gym memberships can be expensive, and many gyms want you to sign contracts.  That’s the reason I like my local YMCA. It’s moderately priced and can be joined on a monthly basis.

Perhaps there could be a more cost effective and time saving way to get my daily golf exercise quota?

We research every part of golf from our clubs, apparel, and which courses we want to play.  Why aren’t we researching how we should be exercising?

The purpose of doing anything in life is to achieve a positive rather than a negative outcome.  Let’s apply that standard to our golf exercise regimen.

After doing some research, I have found a couple exercises that should help your golf game.  A golf workout should target golf muscles!  All you need is a chair and a little bit of space in your home to get it done.

Exercising need not leave you gasping for air to be effective!

Simple enough for everyone!  Plus, you didn’t need to leave your house to accomplish your goal.

I think it’s worth more research.  You could create a whole at-home golf-geared workout.   What a time saver! And then there’s the money part. Couldn’t you find a way to put your gym fees to work in a more golf-specific way? Of course you could!

With at an-home workout regime I can use that extra gym drive time on the actual driving range!  I’m going to add a couple repetitions to each exercise.

Here’s a quick way to add a plank to your daily home workout. It’s great for strengthening your core!

Having a strong core is really important to your golf swing!

I think these exercises will be a great way to start and end my day with something good for me and my golf game. And while I’m doing my planks, I can meditate and strengthen my mental game. What a bonus!



Golf challenges us both mentally and physically.  I love that!  I’m willing to learn how to exercise to increase my enjoyment of the game.  Are you?