LPGA 2018 season: Top 10 players to watch this year

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2018 LPGA

2018 LPGA. Rancho Mirage, California. (Photo by Kelly Kline/Getty Images)

The 2018 LPGA season is packed with talented athletes – these 10 are among the best!

The 2018 LPGA season brings a fresh test of skill and endurance to Tour veterans and rookies alike. It’s an enduring and recurring cycle in a game where the outcome of any given contest depends as much on the vagaries of good luck and bad as it does on athletic skill and talent.

There’s going to be some fine golf played up and down the rankings. The rookies will be scrambling to secure a solid footing on the game’s big stage. Younger players are refining their games and readying themselves to challenge for the top of the leaderboard. Veterans are sharpening their weapons and preparing to do battle. Everyone will be poised to grab the unexpected opportunity to gain an advantage. That’s the way the game is played.

Who will you be watching? Which rookies are likely to emerge on the top of the dogpile? Who among the top tier players are likely to reach the top of the rankings? Who are you liking for the major championships?

If you’re beginning to look for some guidance on these questions, or if you’re just trying to sort out the players, my list of 10 players to watch this year may help.

Let’s get started with a trio of rookies who are very likely to deliver more than one fan-thrilling performance during the 2018 LPGA season.

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